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I am sorry my conscience called in sick again [entries|friends|calendar]
The Busty Asian

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Day 3 and 4 [09 Aug 2009|01:05pm]
Day 3

The typhoon came in so class was cancelled, and when the typhoon hits a lot of places don't usually open because people are advised to stay indoors. But our RAs Aki and Kiki wanted to take all of us to Karaoke, I guess that's what people do in a storm. So we hopped in a taxi and drove 5 minutes over to the karaoke place and sang for 4 hours. It was insane. We each spent less than $200NT which is lest then $7 US. This was one of those places where you are in a room with a tv and some mics, not like some of the karaoke you are used to having to stand up in front of strangers and stuff. After that we pretty much just drank and played cards. We ordered Pizza for dinner because the place we were originally gonna go to was closed. The pizza here is totally different... one of the pizzas was topped with chicken, curry powder, bell peppers and onions. One had tomatoes, onions and edamame. One had spinach, onions, mushrooms and some other stuff. And one had sausage, onion, mushroom and corn. All the pizzas had a good amount of cheese and a light tomato sauce. They were good. We also had fried chicken, chicken strips, buffalo chicken, garlic bread and tater tots. All of this actually came from a dominos.

After dinner some people went on to play in the rain, drunk. But i decided to stay indoors because i didn't want to risk getting sick. So i watch Pirates 3 on tv and fell asleep.

Day 4

We had the first class of the stay. We had another class scheduled but they were cancelled due to the typhoon. After class we sat around till about noon because we were all being taken to lunch. This place does a lot of pasta dishes and they are really good. After lunch we had a little free time before we headed out for shopping. I wanted to go grab some shoes because we were going clubbing that night. We also go out hair done. Out here in taiwan they give you a massage before they cut your hair.... so you sit where they wash you hair, and they massage your scalp and neck, after they are done washing your hair they have you sit up and they massage you shoulders. It was really nice. I had my hair curled and the guy decided to get fancy with it and pulled some of it back. It was really cute. But by this time it had started raining again... so much for looking cute for the club. So a shampoo, massage and style only cost me $280NT or about $9US. After that we had dinner at a conveyor belt sushi place. Each plate was only $30NT which is a little less than $1 US.

We also went out to the club this night. It took like an hour and a half to get there by train... it was kind of ridiculous. We get to the club, pay to get in a proceed to the bar! In Taiwan, you pay to get into the club and drinks are free all night. All you have to do is bring your glass back to the bar and if you lose your glass you can find a random shot glass or reg. glass and trade it in. Just make sure the when you pick up a shot glass you ask for a drink that comes in a reg. glass or if you pick up a reg. glass you ask for a shot. We had a lot of fun...we danced til 4am....so much fun!!!!!!! We were so exhausted by the end of the night... we were gonna wait til 6am to get on the train, that's when it opens...but we couldn't wait anymore and decide to take a taxi home around 530am. home by 6 and in bed by 610... so tired. but it was a good night.

Taiwan Day 1 and 2!!!!! [07 Aug 2009|09:38am]
Left Lax on Tuesday at 150am and arrived in taiwan on Wednesday at 6am.... we crossed the dateline. The Flight was 13 hours long... We were greeted by Dr Yeh, Irene and our RA's Kiki and Aki, loaded the cars and started the 1 hour drive to campus. Got to the dorms, we were given our rooms and we got settled. We had a TON of free time so we decided to take a little walk down to the water. The school is across the way from the ocean. At some time we traveled to a store to buy some snacks and stuff... that store was interesting... it was like a walmart. After the store we got ready for dinner. We went to fishermans wharf and had Japanese BBQ, it's pretty much korean BBQ. We didn't do much on our first day...everyone was dead tired after dinner, but stayed up a few more hours and played cards.

DAY 2...
We got up at 8am and walked over to the breakfast place. It started to rain on us, well more like sudden downpour... it's typhoon season and there was one heading in and no one bothered to tell us to prepare for it. Breakfast was so good, noodles are a great way to start the day.

After breakfast we had class at 9. It was orientation for us, we got introduced to the staff and they presented us with presents. They took us around the school and told us about it's history. We got to visit the church on campus and watched a grand organ performance. It was really cool to see something as big as this organ. We went and saw a few more structures and then we meet at the library to meet our exchange partners. I was given three, Karen, Ann and Mandy. Karen and Ann took me to lunch and we had Akgi(i don't know if that's spelled correctly) It was green bean noodles stuffed inside a tofu shell with a "bbq" sauce and broth. It was good...very filling. Afterwards they took me down to Old Street to do some shopping...I found a few gifts.... and will go back to get more.

Through out the day, it's raining off and on. Very strong winds, broken umbrellas everywhere... it's really crazy. Everyone is drenched from head to toe and dirty. I don't have very proper shoes to be wearing in a typhoon.

Then we visited San Domingo which is kinda like a fort, where early settlers used as offices and stuff... It had a great view and of course we were the most amused by a pair of giant clogs.

Afterwards, we hung out with our exchange partners again and braved more rain. Went to a cafe and had our first drink of the trip. And then back to Old Street... we had to meet at the metro station at a certain time so we could walk to dinner. We had dinner at a thai restaurant... it wasn't amazing food but it was good. After dinner we went with a few people over to a night market. It was that fun and we had been going all day non stop and we were all ready to shower and sit.

It's currently 1030 am in taiwan, class is cancelled today because of the typhoon it's raining really hard and really windy.... i think we are going to try to brave the weather and go to karaoke. Should be interesting.

I know this may not make sense...but this is kinda more for me. I don't care if there is poor grammar and stuff but whatevs

[17 May 2009|01:20am]
I haven't been on this thing in MONTHS!!!! So much has gone on.

-No longer work at plush and it has been a blast!
-This semester i took 18 units at school and worked on campus- never doing 18 units again
-I ran a silent auction at a golf tournament- raised $5000 but i received over $11,000 worth of stuff to auction off.... That took a lot of my time, i had a partner but she didn't help much. This was more stress than it needed to be...but it was a great experience
-Went to Arizona for spring break. Saw two baseball games and explored
-I am now President of Eta Sigma Delta, the honor society for my major.
-Made a lot of new friends from school as well as trying to distance myself from some other "friends" from school. haha... sometimes people aren't what they seem.
-I am going to Taiwan in the summer for school, Getting units to eat. I can't wait i'm so excited!!!!
-Taking Marketing the first session of summer school.... not looking forward to that...but glad to just get it over with
-Taking a Dairy Science class in the Fall.... so excited... I actually get money back to take this class and it will help me with my ice cream making endeavors
-Got rid of the scion! Took my mom's highlander
-Applied for 5 scholarships, I received one so far, have an interview for another and won't hear from the other 3 til june.
-Grove mom moved to Tennessee... Sad times
-Found a great All You Can Eat Sushi place!
-I graduate next May!

That's all i can think of right now..... only cause a bulk of my time was spent on the golf tournament.
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My new toy!!!!! [15 Oct 2008|09:52pm]
I'm a dork!!!Collapse )

I am so in love right now!
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[09 Sep 2008|06:11pm]
Simpsons Blindbox from Kidrobot!

I ordered a case of 24! And I got....

Sideshow Bob
Devil Flanders
Bumblebee Man
Marge x2
Homer x2
Lisa x2
Bart x2
Fat Tony
Chief Wiggum
Comic Book Guy
Hippie Homer

[04 Jul 2008|06:30pm]
So I'm in the market for a new computer. And i can't decide if I want a black macbook or a macbook air.

Input please!!!!
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Because my best friend and her mom are AWESOME! [19 Feb 2008|02:28pm]

More pictures are on myspace.
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[15 Sep 2007|06:28pm]
It has been over a month since I last posted. I started school 2 weeks ago and I can see it kicking my ass. I've been lucky enough to be able to do some of my homework at work or else i'd be even more screwed. My classes are going well, not too hard, but not exactly easy. I go to work right after school 2 days of the week.... thoes days kinda suck. I've been trying to lose weight. I lost 17 pounds in like 3 months...but the last 2 months i was gaining weight back slowly because of work. I had to make everything and taste them, so things got out of hand a little. But now that things are a bit settled i can get back on track and continue to lose the weight. Thanks to school I'm getting the exercise that I need.

Things at the house are going well. Everything is going well.... I think for once I can finally say that I am truly happy. ( plus or minus a few things....like with everything else)
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[02 Aug 2007|08:29pm]
Haven't updated in a while... didn't feel the need to but now i'm bored at work so here i am

I quit my job at the bakery. I started to hate it and i wanted to get out of there before the lucky wedding day(7-7-07). I had gotten a job at the ayres hotel in costa mesa but ended up turning it down. One day i randomly went down to plush, ran into Gil and he told me that he was building his kitchen and it was supposed to be ready in about a month. So pretty much he offered me a job as his Chef and he'd make it worth my wild if worked for him. Since i worked for Gil before i knew what I was going into. So I left the bakery at the end of june didn't work for almost 2 weeks and started working at Plush again as his chef. I'm so happy here. It's great I only have one person above me and I get to tell people what to do! woot.

Another thing is I'm all moved in to the new house. It's amazing, so happy, so pretty.

The only bad thing is that school starts in a month 5 days a week... but I'm FINALLY doing something i'm interested in

OH I went to INCUBUS in July at the Greek and it was just AMAZING. I felt SO spoiled that night it was awesome.

So that's pretty much it..... nothing else really new... new job, new house, new roomates and school!

[18 Jun 2007|02:25pm]
The creepiest thing happened today..... I found out that some woman hung her self in the tree that i park under at work. They found her saturday after I had left. The police said that she had been there for 21 hours. But apparently on Thursday a coworker of mine had seen a shoe in the "v" of the tree. So it's possible that she's been up there since wednesday night. We found out from the police that she has attempted suicide about 4 times, has a Husband and child. We think that she might have told her husband that she was going away for the weekend or something because we think he would have noticed that his wife had been gone for 3 days. I don't think i can park under that tree anymore. Knowing that i could have walked by her dead body for 3 days.

[01 Jun 2007|09:05pm]
I'm so proud of myself in 7 weeks i've lost 12 pounds. I've been doing weight watchers and it works..... it makes me so excited. My pants are big but i'm inbetween belt loops so it does make it kinda difficult sometimes. Even my bust is shrinking! That could be a problem!

So i'm moving...... Gonna move home for about a month then in august i'm moving to the fullerton area with my grove mom. I'm not sure where in the fullerton area yet, the house that she's looking into is being remodeled right now and it is expected to be completed in the end of July. I'm excited to move back near everyone and to be living with "mom". It will be nice living closer to work but i'm further away from school.
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[31 May 2007|09:53am]
I did a cake for my friend Les last week. He runs a website Thestool.com. Well i made this cake cause he wanted to do like a birthday party deal for the stool. the legs were a bitch to do but it came out pretty good.

The Stool CakeCollapse )

So i finally quit my job at the bakery and i'm going back to work at Plush for Gil. I actually recieved another job but am turning it down to go work for a place that i'm already comfortable in. YAY Summer!!!!!! OH and I JUST recievied my FIRST college A!!!!!! woot!
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[24 May 2007|11:28am]
Wooooooo!!!!!!!! School's over!!!!!!!! Tonight we party.... tomorrow morning i work. I'm putting in my two weeks tomorrow because i got hired at the Ayres hotel in costa mesa! Hopefully it will be a better place to work than the bakery..... tomorrow i start baking a cake to make the Stool cake... it's actually gonna look like a bar stool with a party hat on.... it's gonna be kick ass!.... now off to sell back my books
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pictures of the cake i made.... [13 May 2007|02:03pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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[10 May 2007|09:07pm]
So I need a name for my "baking thing" so I'm going to hold a contest. Name my "bakery" and i will reward you with some cookies or cupcakes..... the deadline will be next week.
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My First WEDDING CAKE!!!!!! [01 May 2007|12:45pm]
That's pretty much what it's going to look like. ....

Except the one i'm doing is Cheesecake and has Chocolate covered strawberries instead of flowers. It's kinda scary since it's my first one.

Things are going alright, i'm searching for a new job in hotels. So far i have an interview today and tomorrow. Hopefully it works out

I registered for school yesterday and next semester is going to suck! 5 days a week...lame. So not happy about it.... but school is over in 3 weeks and that's including finals!

But that's about it.... nothing much happened since the last time i updated
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Just wondering [22 Feb 2007|07:15pm]
i was wondering if there is anyone on my friends list that can help me with an assignment.

In my Consumer life skills class i need to write a paper about a person who's been scammed or started a scam... no names will be revealed. I need to write this paper by next thursday.... any help will be helpful....

you can Email me at linewithoutahook@gmail.com

As for me..... school and work are still crazy.... i changed my major..... i just got one of the BEST presents in the world, but i won't tell you what it is! My recreation class is turning out to be a blast, i love it. i wish i wasn't allergeic to playdoh. And i've given up sweets for lent even though i'm not catholic or religious for that matter. the only sweets i'm allowed to have are to the wedding cake samples i have to prepare at work. And that is only because the fillings are prepared in small batches and i have to make sure the flavors aren't too strong or not strong enough. No more cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, soda and most fruit juices. Yes the Baker is giving up sweets!
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[08 Feb 2007|09:36am]
So my 930 class got canceled so i don't have anything to do for the next hour and half. so i figured that while every one else is in class i'll update my lj! haha

it's been really crazy with work and school.... i only go to school tuesdays and thursdays but i work monday, wednesday, thursdays(for 3 hours before class), friday and saturday. I don't have much time to just hung out any more. thursdays are way crazy. I wake up at 345 to be at work between 430 and 445... work til 720ish and drive to school where i have class from 8-2. it was so hard to stay awake in my 8am class it sucks ass! And that's about all that goes on with me. Now i will attempt to read...... maybe after playing on amazon!

[31 Dec 2006|09:30pm]
It's 930 and i'm getting ready to go to bed because i have to be up at like 4am to go to the rose bowl...but i leave you with one more year ending survey!

last survey of 2006Collapse )
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[30 Dec 2006|07:01am]
I've been up since 2 throwing up..... fun times..... i'm not going to work! my tummy is bugging me i want to stay in bed but it makes me dizzy so now i'm sitting on the couch having some tea doing this survey

found this while looking at old entriesCollapse )

so i should be at work right now....but there's no way that i'm going.... i've been throwing up almost once every hour....it sucks....someone come take care of me

once i get pictures loaded from christmas i'll post some

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